Descriptive Language Activity: Detectives Search it Out!

Today I bring to you another activity from my TpT store: Descriptive Detectives. 

These detectives use clues to figure out the words being described. Instructions are included how to introduce the activity including vocabulary words students may not be familiar with, advance to a memory game where students try to figure out the clues and identify which cards they have in their hand. The final activity expands the lesson and the students’ own descriptive language skills as they take turns using their newly learned descriptive abilities on each other!

I developed this activity with my PreK and Kinder kids in mind but knowing that it will also be effective for lower elementary aged or life skills students.

I like to target articulation skills by passing out cards that have that student’s key sound in it.

I think I will use this in the next couple of days with my kids since we targeted descriptive language in our sentence building activity earlier in the week.

Please leave feedback and let me know if you enjoy this activity or how I can modify it on my TpT store.

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