Kids Town and Lisa Marie

Lisa Marie got to go to church today. She was asked to be an actor in the skit for Kids Town.
We are continuing our “survivor” theme and discussion on Fear and trusting in God. 
Today, Jane was “afraid” of a big scary dog named Hercules. She worried and shared with everyone her fears. 
After much discussion about Joseph and Pharoh, some prayers over the kids regarding fear, Lisa brings out Lisa Marie “Hercules” and Jane faced her fears and held her. 
I’m pretty sure the kids loved the whole thing. I think we had almost 70 kids this morning who now get to tell their parents and siblings about the tiny dog coming to church but even more importantly WHO they will trust in when they are afraid. 
Lisa has a whole new fan base! As we were leaving church a little kindergartener was hanging out of her window telling us bye and screaming “bye little chihuahua!” 

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