Today in Speech Therapy: Verb and Pronoun Bingo

Today I visited one of my self contained classrooms to see a few kids who have a variety of goals to work on. Some of them work on simply participating in an activity with peers, attending to an activity, tolerating others near them and so on.
Other students may have goals that target using pronouns, action words, constructing simple sentences, receptively identifying pictures when given a sentence, etc.
This particular age group and class LOVES Bingo, so when I pulled out my Verb Bingo cards EVERYONE wanted to play-even the kids who don’t have speech IEPs. 
After some of them buddied up and one volunteered to be the “caller” we got right to the game. 

The caller would read the sentence and cover it on their call board as pictured here. We talked about the pronoun used in the sentence to help us find the square to cover. There are pictures for he, she, they and it. When the pictures were all found and covered, if the kids had a goal for WH questions I would ask a question about the picture like “What is she reading?” If they were working on pronouns and/or verbs, they made a sentence about the picture. If they were working on adjectives they would have to make a sentence using an adjective to describe it. 
Ex: If the sentence was “It is flying.” I would say that sentence aloud. Then I would ask, “Where is it flying?” They would have to then say, “The bird is flying in the sky.”

Of course the main focus was who got a bingo first! Oh well…we still got a LOT of language and social skills out of it! 
After the kids got a BINGO, they had to say each sentence in the line as they removed the pieces. We used animals…which were a little distracting…I had kids lining them up, sorting them by size/color, galloping animals, noisy animals, etc. The kids loved the game and were totally engaged the entire time. 

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