Valentine Asoociations Practice in Speech Today

So many of my kids lack categorization skills. One way to target that is to improve their understanding of how words are related or associated. I was happy to find this word association game by Communication Station in a quick search for free Valentine activities. 
The kids loved putting the pieces together. I passed out one side of each heart to the students, having them name the item for vocabulary identification. Some of the pictures have to be inferred. I then took each one of the other halves and held it up for them to name. They had to look in their array of hearts and see if they had the matching/associated word or item. Once they determined which one went with my half, I asked them to tell “Why” they went together.
To expand the lesson, after the student tells why they go together, let them name two or more other items that could fit into that category. For example if marker and crayon go together because you write with them, what else can you write with?

The activity has a blank heart pattern that you can use for older students to just write words on each side.

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