Cutting Coupons in Therapy

Are you looking for something to change up your therapy sessions? How about some EXTREME…ok maybe more like ENGAGING COUPONING!

This activity is something I have used MANY times for speech therapy in a SNF or LTC setting. One of the things that make it fun is that you can co-treat with your Occupational Therapy buddies or turn it into a fun group activity.

If you are familiar with ACP, you will notice the estim machines in the picture below. As a Director of Therapy I always encouraged my therapists to use modalities when appropriate to help with their productivity.

So…while my OT bud works on fine and gross motor, hand and eye coordination, dexterity and grasp release, I’m (SLP) working on the following:

Attention to task/Alternating Attention: Get a good conversation going about what you see in the coupons. Ladies especially love the hair colors ones (start talking about coloring their hair or their daughters coloring mishaps growing up). Another good one to talk about is the diapers or baby products. They just can’t believe the prices on things “now-a-days”.

Thought organization/Categorization: As the patient cuts them out, have them sort them into categories such as toiletries, dairy, meat, dry goods, etc.

Reasoning/Problem Solving: Sort them by amount off of the original price, discuss what is the best deal. Have them pick some out that would go together to make a good meal.

And what do you do with all of these coupons after this project is completed? You can have the patient divide them into envelopes and take them to the staff lounge or break room. If you are lucky, you can claim some space on a cork board in there to make it a little showcase of patient work . This creates an opportunity for the patients to feel pride and purpose in their work. Before you know it, you will have a stack of coupons brought in by staff and family members and a regularly planned “job” for someone even after they are off of therapy services.

This activity may carry over into a weekly social club for the long term care residents to do while the activity director has care plan meetings or other responsibilities that take her away from the actual activities.

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