Conserving Energy During Meal Time

As SLPs, one of the roles we should take very seriously is patient education. Along with patient education comes staff and family education as well.

Patients with compromised breathing patterns and poor breath support are at a higher risk for aspiration and choking. There are a few easy to implement strategies that can greatly reduce their risk of aspiration as well as make them more comfortable when eating.
In my latest ebook: The Therapist’s Guide for Assessment and Treatment of Breath Support, you will receive printable patient education handouts to use during the evaluation and treatment portion of your plan of care. 
Today, I am sharing with you one of those handouts for FREE so that you can use it with your patients and their families in the skilled nursing, hospital, home health or long term care settings. 
To download this handout, click HERE.
I look forward to hearing your patients’ success stories as well!

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