Speech and Language Activity: Elefun Snackin Safari Categories

I really am trying to use more games in speech this year. So, in speech therapy today, we worked on categories while playing the Elefun Snackin Safari game from Hasbro. (affiliate link)

You can download this activity on my TpT store

With the activity you get 12 pages with four cards on each page.  
The following categories are provided for you: Weather, Body parts, Food, Transportation, Birds, School Supplies, Insects, Clothing, Animals, PLUS a BLANK page of discs to MAKE YOUR OWN!

The kids all get an elephant with a “slinky nose”. There is a suction cup on the bottom of it.
The suction cups don’t always work unless they are moist. To add even more language to the activity, if the suction cup didn’t stick, they were prompted to ask, “Can my elephant have a drink?” They were then allowed to use their elephant and dip down to the plate of water and get the end of its nose wet before trying to pick up the next card again.

We started the game by assigning each student a category. All four cards in everyone’s category were placed on the floor. We played face up first, then added a little memory challenge to it and played face down. At their turn, they had to pick up a card in their category. After a few rounds of that style we switched to picking up any card and placing it in the correct category.

If the student was working on articulation, I gave them a category with their target sound. For example my buddy working on /f/ got the “Food” category. He would have to say, “I’m looking for /f/ood every time it was his turn. When he found /f/rench /f/ries he had a triple drill when he had to say, “/F/rench /f/ries are /f/ood”. My friend working on /s/ of course got the “In/s/ect/s/” category to find….SLPs are so sneaky!

The kids had a great time and so did I. There will be more Elefun discs made in the future I am sure! 

Looking for more Elephant themed activities to use in speech therapy?

This feed the elephant activity targets categories using early developing vocabulary.

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