‘Twas the last week of Speech Therapy…before Christmas Break

This week should go fast and furious…after all, FIVE days until Christmas break! Although we are in “break mode” Speech and Language therapy must go on…so I will be sharing what I’m doing in speech as often as I can this week.

The category trains by Shelia Wenzlick were a BIG hit with my preschool and bilingual kinder boys as well as my intermediate level kids in the self-contained classroom. Here is a video scanning the activity after we started working on it:

An articulation activity we did today was a freebie by Arielle Gawron: stringing Christmas lights with the /K/ and /G/ sound. The kids LOVED stringing the lights. We hung them outside our door for everyone to see.
The last thing we did was pretty impromptu. The kindergarten boys wanted to make a candy cane. I pulled out their individual sounds we were working on, cut out some red candy canes and went around the table practicing speech sounds and gluing them onto their candy canes.


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