Talk Like a Pirate Day is September 19

Do you celebrate Talk Like a Pirate Day in your speech therapy room? It is something that I have just gotten into the last couple of years. My students absolutely love it so I will admit that I love it too! Any opportunity to dress up and send my students back to class wearing a pseudo costume is my idea of fun.

My early childhood students (Pre-K and Kinder) especially enjoy the following activities:

By the second month of school my kinders are ready to practice their scissor skills. We start with the tracing activity by making sentences while tracing.

Those who are old enough to cut are then able to complete a worksheet that lets them practice their scissor skills while we talk about “turning the page, guiding the scissors, protecting our fingers” and so on.

This entire Fine Motor activity is FREE in my store and you can download it now by clicking HERE.

Another activity that my students enjoy is this Pirate Themed Busy Book for Speech and Language. This activity book targets many speech and language goals including:

Matching words with their first letter sound
Using pronouns and possessive pronouns in sentences
Using action words in sentences
Using descriptive words in sentences: Size/color
Rhyming Words
Write the Room/Vocabulary
Positional Vocabulary
Fine Motor/Tracing Activities

My teachers who work with students in their room for Response to Intervention activities have also expressed their gratitude for creating a product with everything in one place!

You can read more about this product and download it here:

Additional Pirate Themed Products in My Store:

No Prep, Pirate Themed Book Companion

Download your free Feed the Pirate by clicking on the picture below!

I hope you are able to do something special this year in your speech room for Talk Like a Pirate Day! I would love to see pictures so feel free to tag me in your posts on social media! 







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