‘Twas the last week of Speech: Day Two

Counting down! Four more days to Christmas Break…

Today I decided to get technologically coooool. After all, kids LOVE technology. I just rarely find time to really get it into my therapy sessions. After downloading this Christmas Attributes Freebie by Kim Lewis the Activity Tailor from Creative Common Attribution, I hesitated a couple of weeks…..but I said HEY! It’s the last week before Christmas! So we did it…and I’m so glad we did.

Another activity we worked on today was a Free Christmas Phonological Awareness Game by Shelly Bean. Our reading specialist and I have been trying to work together to make sure that my IEPs are targeting not only their language deficits but also the skills they are lacking in reading readiness. That’s one more reason I love my campus, every focus is on what it will take to get our kids ready for first grade. We are all focused on each child as an individual and we address each one of their needs specifically. Not all of my kids have phonological awareness issues, but the ones who do got a bonus in speech today. Of course we were addressing their language IEPs as well!

The last activity I introduced today was a Free Inferencing activity by Speech Ace. This activity was great for my kids working on vocabulary, receptive language and descriptive language. I always like to have the students make a sentence with their vocabulary words. For busy little hands who have trouble waiting their turn, I give them a dry erase board to draw the vocabulary word they just did until it is their turn again.

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