WH Question Flip Strips

Flip Strips are easy to make and can be sent back to class or home. This one was made from a freebie of WHO cards made by Jenn at Crazy Speech World
I simply printed out her cards and cut them in half. It made rows of four. I used construction paper for the base, glued the answers down in one long sheet, then put a skinny row of glue on the top of the questions row. I then cut apart the top layer of cards, just to the owls wings so that they didn’t flip up too much!
This one was totally a quick, impromptu printable that was able to be taken home or back to the classroom for the teacher to continue reinforcing what we learned in speech today. 
You could do this with any cards that are printables….and I think I will from now on!
Please comment with any freebies/links that you have that would make good “Flip Strips”…

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