What’s Outside My Door: January

Last month, I talked about the wonderful idea that my friend the reading specialist gave me to put things outside my speech room door for the teachers to use while their students are waiting in line for the bathroom. This month, I downloaded Snowy WH Questions from Kristine Lamb at Live Love Speech and placed them in pockets on a cute snowman board (copied from Pinterest!). I even crocheted him a little scarf to wear…
The question cards were so easy to cut out. She didn’t waste any paper. All of the lines were touching…making me happy because that is the faster way to cut. So I cut out the question cards from the download and made pockets to stick them in. Do this by folding a piece of paper in half and laminating it. Cut off the top of the paper and it makes an opening. I wrote on the pockets with a VisAVis or dry erase marker so that I can erase it and label them something else next time.
They are separated into ‘who and what’ and ‘when and where’. 
In a week or so, I will add the ‘why’ questions. 
I’m just so glad there are such creative and generous professionals on TpT. 
It’s a wonderful community to be a part of!

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