Breath Support Activities: Success Stories

The emails are coming in of therapists who have started using my newest ebook for breath support therapy in the SNF and LTC. This is my goal for the book: To have patients regain their independence  and to have therapists increase their professional knowledge, skills and confidence in what they already know.

Here is one encouraging message I received from Emily:

“Your book couldn’t have come at a better time for me! I just started working in a new SNF where there is a LOT of support for therapy services. As such, I’m trying to begin implementing a interdisciplinary program with the respiratory therapist to address the needs our respiratory compromised patients (which comprises a LOT of our population). Your book has been great since my knowledge in this area doesn’t go much further than my graduate studies (which wasn’t horribly extensive in this area to begin with) and the respiratory therapist thinks the activities are very cool and fun.”

First of all, HOW LUCKY IS SHE to have a respiratory therapist on staff at her facility?!? Second, they think the activities are cool and fun! Of course we have fun in speech therapy!

Another success story: 
“I have actually and using alot of breath support exercises and educational information with my parents. I am currently working with a lot of trach. patients so it’s been excellent.  
Thank you so much, best regards” Meghan

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I love hearing your success stories so keep sending them my way! Email me or comment below: msgardeniasspeechroom@gmail.com

A fellow SLP who is fairly new to the profession gave me the following feedback when using the Assessment chapter and evaluation worksheet:

“This was, and will be, very helpful for future evaluations and will aid me in providing better treatment. I especially appreciated your blurb in regards to medication…which ones will affect the patient’s respiration and swallow function. Also, after reading your blog and this document, you have made me more aware as to how important our description of PLOF truly is to their progress in skilled treatment. I especially appreciated your information over observations at rest associated with the patient’s respiration.”

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