A Quick Fix for a Working Memory Activity

When working PRN at a SNF, I often encounter patients with deficits that are apparent but have activities that are limited. Today when I was working with a patient who had apparent working memory deficits, I got an idea that took very little time to prep. I had my tablet with me of course, so as the patient was doing a problem solving task using the parquetry board by Melissa and Doug, I took a few seconds to create some patterns of my own and snap pictures of them.

I started with something easy and had the patient create it on a white piece of paper.

My instructions were:
1. Study the picture for 30 seconds.
2. Use the pieces provided (this patient was at a fairly high cognitive level so I gave her the entire box).
3. Recreate the pattern from memory.

She did really well and enjoyed the challenge so I gave her another one! She studied…
The picture was hidden and she re-created from memory…
She finished it up….
…and then checked for errors!
I continued the activity by making patterns that were more complex. Look at what all you learn about your patient’s visual perception when doing this activity!
She struggled a little but in the end, she made a really pretty pattern (that wasn’t correct, but we made the best of!) that I took a picture of to add to my album!
I would love to hear below what you have used when in a pinch! I’m sure it was good!


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