Using Word Associations in Speech Therapy

Word associations have been used in speech therapy for ages. We use them in word finding activities, as semantic prompts when a patient has difficulty answering questions, to increase vocabulary, as a memory strategy, and much more!

These word association presents were created as a gift to you for your ongoing support and encouragement. I hope you can use them in your school or adult therapy setting.

I like to use this type of activity in a co-treatment with Physical or Occupational therapy. It is great for language and also attention. If a patient is standing, have them match the associated pairs of words on a table or standing frame.

You may be able to complete some on-site documentation while the patient works along side of you, matching the cards.

Printing on bright, colorful paper (like these Astrobrights) make the activity more visually engaging. (Affiliate link)

Click on the picture above or HERE to download your free gift for working on association pairs from Ms. Gardenia’s Speech Room!

For more speech and language activities created with the adult patient in mind, please click here.


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