Free Halloween Speech Therapy Activities

In our early childhood center, we have a campus wide goal to improve the fine motor skills of our young students. Fine motor activities specifically benefit students in their handwriting and drawing abilities. Speech is the finest of the fine. Just imagine for a moment how intricately your tongue has to move to create the specific sounds needed for a simple sentence.

Students with speech and language impairments often suffer from less than adequate fine motor abilities. As an early interventionist, I feel compelled to target both academic and speech/language skills in my therapy sessions. This is why I have created so many products that simultaneously target fine motor skills and language/articulation skills.

This Halloween Fine Motor Activity is just one of the many such activities in my store:

Page 1 targets early developing consonant sounds by having the student match the upper case with the lower case letter. Pictures are included for verbalizations and articulation practice. Work at the student’s ability whether it is word or sentence level.

Pages 2-3 are used for tracing straight, curved and zig zag lines with adorable Halloween themed clip art. These pages can be used in speech therapy for targeting language concepts such as answering WH questions, vocabulary, left/right, across, up/down and much more!

Pages 4-5 are intended for targeting early scissor skills. Students will practice their cutting skills while learning to take their time, turn the paper, manipulate the scissors, and verbally describe how they are doing it along the way. Sequencing skills play a big part in this activity.

Page 6 has multiple tracing targets that are sure to make this activity SWEET! Write articulation words on each piece of candy and have the student say the word as they trace and color the wrappers.

In addition to this FREE DOWNLOAD, I also love using this Scarecrow Song by The Learning Station with my early childhood students to work on language concepts:

More *FREE*  articulation speech therapy activities:

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Happy Halloween from my speech room to yours!


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